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NewspaperDirect and Associated Newpapers at the World Association of Newspapers Conference in Madrid

David Owen, Senior Vice President Publishing, NewspaperDirect

David Owen

Mike Newman, Group Circulation Director, Associated Newspapers (Hey Mike…I’m holding this spot in the post for your picture)

Daily Mail

joined forces today to talk about “Multi platform circulation in a digital age”  to over 350 attendees from 60 countries at the 9th World Editor & Marketeer Conference and Expo , 23-24 November 2006 in Madrid, Spain

They shared with the audience how today’s technology allows newspapers to follow their readers wherever they may be.  For UK newspapers, for example, there are 13.2 million British nationals living abroad, and 65 million tourists, representing a significant market for news from home.  Associated’s Daily Mail has gone after them in a big way — it is distributed in 51 countries and printed in eight, adding an average 108,000 circulation to the paper’s 2.4 million daily sales.  “No matter what part of the UK you live in, when you go abroad you expect to find your national newspaper,” says Mr Newman.

The newspaper’s partnership with NewspaperDirect, reduces costs and makes distribution easier.   “NewspaperDirect made me a global publisher,” he says. “I can afford to print locally, and on time. It’s had a psychological effect on my readers — they expect to see the newspaper everywhere.”

I’m sure David and Mike did a great job, but I have to say I’m just a little jealous.  Being a Hemingway fan, it would have been great to walk the Hemingway trail in Madrid and see his room where he wrote The Sun Also Rises.   I’d leave the bull fighting for the guys, while I sipped on one of Don Ernesto’s favorite cocktails and enjoyed the sites and sounds of the highest capital city in Europe.

Oh well…maybe next year.


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