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Top story surprises in top newspapers

Hi everyone…

I thought it would be fun to take a look at some top newspapers and top stories on PressDisplay.com and see if there were any surprises.  Was I surprised?  Well, let’s just say, I got quite a chuckle out of a few discoveries.   Let me share one in particular with you…

Today I checked out the “top newspaper” for February 20, 2007  from all of our 450 publications using the calendar control on the top of PressDisplay and the menu item on the far left of the PressDisplay window.

Choose to see top newspapers on a specific day

According to our readers, the National Post was rated #1 that day.

 top newspaper on PressDisplay Feb 22

 Interesting…., especially since we have so many US and international subscribers…

Anyway, so I looked a little further and discovered that the top 2 stories in that paper were not stories from the front page of the paper, nor were they stories on the front of sections of the paper.   Readers on PressDisplay gave top billing to a story on page A24 on male health (I guess we have a few middle aged men reading the National Post – NOW…that is NO surprise :))…

Top story in National Post on feb 22

But what was even more interesting and made me laugh, was the fact that the #2 story in that paper was not a story at all….it was the Sudoku game deep on page L6.

 Sudoku rated #2 story in National Post on Feb 22

The National Post is one of Canada’s most popular newspapers and provides excellent coverage of the day’s most important issues and yet its readers jump to the puzzle page and spend more time there than they do reading stories.  I think this is very funny.  I decided to investigate a bit further, thinking that perhaps this was an anomaly that day, but it wasn’t.  In fact, on February 22nd, National Post was rated at #2 in the Top Newspapers and the number one story in that issue was the crisscross puzzle.

Makes you think doesn’t it???  Now….if I was an advertiser, I’d want my advertisment next to either the crossword puzzle or Sudoku.  But check it out…not one advertisement can be found on the Diversion Page…

And if I was a publisher, I’d be selling ad space on this page at a premium.

I invite you to check out top newspapers and stories for yourselves and then please tell us all if you found something interesting or funny.   I’d love to hear from you.

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