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Introducing PressDisplay.com Offer Code Program

New Revenue Opportunities for NewspaperDirect Affiliates and Agents

  • Expand your market reach and revenue opportunities
    • Earn recurring commissions on every PressDisplay sale linked to your offer codes
  • Create your own offer codes quickly and easily
  • Track sales and marketing campaigns and performance

Here’s how it works…

Sign an agent agreement with NewspaperDirect by contacting Mark Richie at mark@newspaperdirect.com.  As an agent of NewspaperDirect, you will automatically receive an agent account on PressDisplay.com. 

Login to PressDisplay.com and go to the My Services -> My Referrals page.  Choose the Setup tab and click on the Offer Codes link to start creating your own codes to add to your advertisements, website, blog, email campaigns or other promotional materials.

Offer Codes

You can create as many codes as you like, active/deactivate or delete them and set optional start/end dates for them.  It is recommended that you assign different offer codes to your sales agents or marketing campaigns to help you track commissions by offer code. Be creative — every offer code in PressDisplay.com must be unique, so start creating codes that work for you!


When a visitor registers on PressDisplay.com using one of your unique offer codes, they will be awarded with 1 month free unlimited corporate access to PressDisplay.com – a $99 USD dollar value!   And when they become a paying customer on PressDisplay.com, you will earn a 15% recurring commission based on their subscription plan or purchases for up to 3 years.

Your referral report is available to you on PressDisplay.com on the My Services -> My Referrals page, under the Reports tab.  Here you will see how many people have registered on PressDisplay.com using your offer codes, the number who are currently active customers, your commission rate, your commissions for the current month and your balance carried over for previous months.  Once you have a balance carried over that is more than $25USD, you may redeem your commission using PayPal.  You can also see how your offer codes are performing.

Referral Report

Here’s a short video which demonstrates this further…

Tips on Marketing Your Offer Codes

There are a number of ways to market PressDisplay.com offer codes…just use your imagination.  Here are a couple to consider:

Add offer codes in online promotions

The simplest way to get started is to add a line at the bottom of all of your emails as part of your automated signature, like this:

Enjoy instant access to over 500 newspapers FREE for 1 month at PressDisplay.com. 
Register at
www.pressdisplay.com with offer code [your unique offer code].

For other online promotions, we offer banner ads, widgets and links for Pressdispaly.com that you can add to your website or even blogs.  You can access these under the Setup tab on the My Services -> My Referrals page.  Provide some text around your widgets or banners which tell users to register for PressDisplay.com with your offer codes.  It’s fast and easy to do.

Add offer codes in printed advertisements

Offer codes work well in flyers, postcards or in other direct mail campaigns.  Why not add them to the back of your business cards?

Use permission-based email campaigns to create courtesy accounts for prospects

As an agent, you can create courtesy accounts for your prospects using their email address and inform them that they have free access for 1 month to our Corporate Unlimited Plan. For those prospects or clients who then opt-in to receive email alerts when stories that relate to them are published (e.g. seeing themselves or their company in the news), you can also create monitors on their behalf so they receive emails informing them of these important events.


It is critical that you only create unique and targeted monitors to avoid irrelevant articles being emailed to your clients.  It is recommended that you test all monitors to ensure that they are appropriate before setting them up for your prospects. 

Remember, this approach must only be implemented with prospects and clients who have opted-in to receive emails from you and PressDisplay.com.

PressDisplay.com Offer Codes open up many new market opportunities and revenue streams for NewspaperDirect Agents.  So why not join our Agent Network today.  Contact mark@newspaperdirect.com

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    very nice web site. My English is not so good, so I do not understandt it well, but it seems very good. Thanks

  2. lsi
    September 4, 2008 at 7:41 pm

    it would be better with other languages support, but thanks..

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