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Award winning newspaper now on PressDisplay.com

Hello everyone

Some great news from Australia…The Age is now available on PressDisplay.com!

The Age is based in Melbourne and is part of Fairfax group.  It is one of the largest dailies, and it has won the Newspaper of the Year award at PANPA

This newspaper is loved by many and so we are very excited to add it to our collection.   In fact there is a great story I just have to share with you…

A few years ago at the Monaco Yacht Show, one of our Print on Demand partners,  E3 Group had a stand set up in the conference centre and they were printing newspapers for attendees.  An Australian hostess from one of the yachts at the show (who had been working in the industry for many years in the States and Europe) saw a copy of The Age in the E3 Group booth and became very excited. “For years, I’ve been looking for this paper everywhere in my travels and I have never been able to find it.”, she exclaimed. “Can I please buy this from you?”  “No, go ahead,” Roger Horner, Group Managing Director of E3 said “Just take it…it’s yours.”   She took the paper, looked at it in her hands and then she just burst into tears, clutching it to her chest. Needlesstosay…Roger was speechless. “It was just so extraordinary. I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said. 

I wish I could tell this woman that she can access it anywhere/anytime now on PressDisplay.com. 

Stay tuned for more great news from PANPA coming soon.


The Age
14 Aug 2007

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