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Robert Stalmach calls NewspaperDirect “the best e-paper provider on the market”

Hello everyone… I thought I’d share with you some of the interesting information that came out of World Association of Newspapers (WAN) World Newspaper Advertising Conference and Expo that was held in Budapest earlier this month.

NewspaperDirect was naturally there and demonstrated Adget (our recently launched online advertising solution). Adget addressed many major topics discussed at the Conference and received a lot of attention from publishers looking to transition from the declining world of print into a more profitable world online.

Robert StalmachRobert Stalmach, Director of Content Licensing & Mobile, Gazeta.pl/Agora, Poland spoke about NewspaperDirect’s SmartEdition platform which powers Agora (Gazeta Wyborzca and Metro papers) in Poland in his presentation. And he said that “NewspaperDirect was the best e-paper provider on the market.” Thanks Robert! We think so too J

He also spoke on the challenges and opportunities the mobile channel presents for newspaper publishers.

Did you know that market saturation of mobile phones has reached (and sometimes exceeded) 100% in developing countries? I guess that’s not a surprise (we have 4 cell phones in our family of 4). But these statistics are interesting…

There are:

  • 2.7 billion mobile telephones in the world
  • 1.5 billion televisions
  • 1.4 billion fixed telephone lines
  • 1.1 billion PC’s plugged into the internet.

He went on to say that mobile convergence attracts a particular type of consumer (well educated, well informed, heavy users of the Internet and geo-localised).

The mobile Internet is dominated by what Stalmach calls “screenagers” – AKA the youth. Don’t you just love these new monikers? I guess they deserve their nickname, given that 20% of teenagers send more than 40 text messages a week. In my house, I bet it’s even higher J

The part of his presentation that I liked the most (except maybe for his endorsement of NewspaperDirect) was when he talked about the change in “consumption of media”. No longer are consumers passive readers of news. They want to be active, something newspaper publishers need to embrace (but really haven’t yet).

I imagine Stalmach’s presentation had a few publishers sit up and take notice because the NewspaperDirect booth was very busy. As a result…I’m happy to say that a number of new publishers will be joining the NewspaperDirect network as a result of this conference and you’ll be seeing their digital editions on PressDisplay.com and in SmartEdition format in the upcoming weeks. So stay tuned…

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