NewspaperDirect Adopts ACAP

ACAPHello everyone.

A quick update on some news from NewspaperDirect, just in time for WAN’s 61st World Newspaper Congress.  Today, NewspaperDirect announced that it is adopting the Automated Content Access Protocol (ACAP) so that its publishing partners have better copyright protection of their content. 

According to CEO, Alex Kroogman, “ACAP puts the control of content back into the hands of publishers where it belongs.  By implementing this proposed standard, we enable our publishing partners to expressly state permissions of access so that they can now offer free and paid content within the same publication, giving them more opportunities to increase readership and monetize their high value assets.”

Many of NewspaperDirect’s publishers are already on the bandwagon.   Francisco Pinto Balsemao, Chairman and CEO of Impresa and former Prime Minister of Portugal shared his support on the ACAP website:

“The future of the newspaper and magazine industry is more secure now thanks to ACAP. We can be sure that our content will be viewed and distributed according to our own terms and conditions. As a business we now feel that any investment and innovation in the field of digital publishing will be fairly rewarded. I am convinced that ACAP will very quickly become a universal standard and will benefit every player in the digital publishing world.”

NewspaperDirect continues to see rapid adoption by publishers of its SmartEdition ePaper technology because:

1. It has a very appealing business model – no additional investment needed to take a print edition online, while taking advantage of the numerous distribution channels and reader platforms offered (desktop, laptop, mobile, libraries, corporate and government office, distributors, etc).

2. No client software is needed – it’s a fully web-based solution.

3. SmartEdition preserves the look and feel of the publication.

4. It’s ability to embed interactive advertisements with Adget – the “cost per action” advertising widget that brings higher returns to advertisers and revenues to publishers.

With this announcement, other publishers who have been reluctant to get on the digital train due to fear of copyright infringement battles with search engines, etc. can feel more secure that their content will be viewed and distributed according to their own terms and conditions, enabling them to focus on innovating to better monetize their online publications.

Sounds like a win-win to me!


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