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IRex challenges Sony and Kindle in growing U.S. e-reader market

PressDisplay live on IREX DR800SGAnd NewspaperDirect is right there with them!

Yesterday, IREX Technologies unveiled their new wireless digital reader – DR800SG in New York City and there was quite  a buzz about it!

The NYT apparently had an exclusive on the story for a few hours (at least that’s what I read on twitter by another journalist). 

There were a ton of ariticles about it online, and some great quotes.  Here’s one I particularly enjoyed from “US Chick” on Unthinkable:

“It has also partnered with NewspaperDirect, which serves up “1140 newspapers from 87 countries in 41 languages in their original layout.” I’m thinking that alone is worth buying it for. Just think, you are on vacation in some God forsaken country, but still can instantly get the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Investor’s Business Daily as soon as they come out alerting you to fiascos in the office back home. Priceless. And something that can’t be done on a Kindle!”

Cool eh?  Sounds like she’s almost as big a fan of PressDisplay as I am!





IRex challenges Sony and Kindle in growing U.S. e-reader market
International Herald Tribune
24 Sep 2009

The budding market for electronic reading devices is about to get bigger. IRex Technologies, a spinoff of Royal Philips Electronics that already makes one of the best-known European e-readers, announced Wednesday that it was entering the United States…read more…

  1. Andy
    October 24, 2009 at 12:11 am

    On the new Irex reader that bestbuy will sell for $449 (seems it went up from original $399.) will I be able to download as many newspapers from an unlimited account as I want? Or will there be charges from verizon for each download? Or will there be limits on how many papers I can download? And will the new Irex count as one of the PCs (the limit is 3 I believe) or as one of the mobile devices? (Which is another separate 3 devices).

  2. Andy
    October 30, 2009 at 3:01 am

    If I get the new Irex reader that has verizon service, will I be able to download as many newspapers for free as I want if I have an unlimited subscription?

    • November 2, 2009 at 5:16 pm

      Hi Andy
      If you have an unlimited subscription, you will be charged for a connectivity fee based on the size of the paper. That’s because when you buy the new iRex, you don’t pay for any data plan at that time. The final pricing is TBD, but we’re expecting it to be anywhere between 15 cents and a dollar per title. I would recommend that you use the USB connection as often as possible as it is free for unlimited subsribers on that device because you aren’t using the Verizon network. Also, with the USB connection, the quality of the paper on the device is better, with a higher zoom quality. That’s because we don’t have to compress the data like we do over the air. Hope that helps. When we have the final details on the pricing, we’ll publish them on the blog.

      And yes, the iRex counts as one of the 3 devices on which you can have PressReader installed under your plan. So you can have a PC, a mobile device and the iRex, for example.

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