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NewspaperDirect debates hot topics at Mediabistro’s eBook Summit 2009

On December 15-16 at the New Yorker Hotel in New York City the first eBook Summit hosted by Mediabistro attracted the “who’s who” in the publishing industry.  Over 350 publishers, authors, device manufacturers, distributors and service providers attended this unique event to take a closer look at the changing world of digital publishing. 

Igor Smirnoff, Director of Strategic Development at NewspaperDirect joined a panel of experts to discuss the  transition  between print and digital publishing and how storytelling in various media formats can uncover new sources of revenue.

The issues around reimaging of content for new devices, intelligent experimentation and understanding the new consumer were discussed, but the two topics that got the  most attention of the audience were:

  •  The value of digital editions.  Here, Igor discussed how the advancement in digital technologies enable the delivery of new value not available in the printed world, opening unique opportunities for circulation and advertising revenues.
  •  The free vs. paid debate.  With PressDisplay.com being the poster child for proving the Paid Content Model, Igor had lots to talk about around this topic. 🙂

The panel was held early on the first day and lead to steady traffic at the NewspaperDirect Booth where Igor elaborated on NewspaperDirect’s ePublishing solutions, and demonstrated  PressDisplay.com and PressReader in action on the latest new mobile devices and eReaders.

Next month, Igor’s off to CES where some very exciting announcements will be made.  Stay tuned for those!


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