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PressDisplay’s 1,500+ newspapers and magazines now available on the enTourage eDGe

Are you a PressDisplay.com subscriber and (or soon to be) an enTourage eDGe owner?  Rejoice!  Today at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit, a new partnership was announced between NewspaperDirect and Entourage Systems Inc. that will see PressDisplay’s 1,500+ newspapers and magazines available on the eDGe via wireless or USB connection.

“Partnering with NewspaperDirect allows us to provide our customers with a robust catalogue of US and international newspapers, satisfying their media consumption needs even further,” said Asghar Mostafa, CEO of enTourage Systems. “The enTourage eDGe is an ideal platform for PressDisplay fans, allowing them to engage content when on the move like never before.”

As the world’s first dualbook with hinged E-ink and LCD screens, the eDGe offers several features that make it an appealing choice to consumers by:

  • Combining the functionality of eReaders, tablet netbooks and notepads
  • Providing users with an exceptional newspaper and magazine reading experience with a large 1,200 x 825 pixel, glare-free E-ink screen
  • Supporting story annotation using the stylus or text – either by hand or using the virtual keyboard

These points, and the fact that PressDisplay is available on such a diverse range of platforms, are reiterated by NewspaperDirect’s CEO, Alex Kroogman:

“The dual screen and exceptional viewing quality of the enTourage eDGe makes reading a newspaper while on the go an even better experience.  As the leader in expanding the number of ways consumers can access newspapers and magazines, we are continually adding new devices, and we’re delighted to add the enTourage eDGe to our line-up. The moment a device is supported by PressDisplay.com, it’s also made available to NewspaperDirect publishing partners for their own e-papers.”

Well, there are lots of choices out there!  Once you choose a platform that works for you, we promise reading the news through PressDisplay won’t disappoint!



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