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PressReader for iPad turning heads and pages

What a difference a couple of months make.  With only a lukewarm reception at its unveiling in January followed by a flurry of mixed reviews and debate, the iPad has quickly taken the world by storm with NewspaperDirect’s PressReader App one of the many reasons critics and owners alike believe the device is beginning to reach its advertised potential (i.e. something more than just an oversized iPhone or iPod Touch).

Recently, The Guardian compiled a list of the best iPad media apps with PressReader topping the list!  They write:

“Despite the spat between Apple and Adobe, which means that the iPad is hobbled by its inability to play Flash content, it’s still a wonderful device for consuming media. The PressReader app (free, paid-for content) offers digital editions of newspapers and magazines from around the world. You can flick through pages, zoom in to read them as they were printed, or bring up easier-on-the-eyes text versions of stories.”  More.

Not too shabby, wouldn’t you agree?

With the iPad currently available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States, PressDisplay.com subscribers living in these countries have been able unleash the power of PressReader on their iPads.  The feedback it’s generated has been nothing short of phenomenal.

Here are just a few of the many accolades PressReader’s been getting:

“I have downloaded a lot of apps in my time and have only written a couple of reviews. I downloaded this app to read the paper but it’s better than reading the paper. You can zoom in or even have it read the articles to you. I love this app. It’s the first app that has nailed it from the beginning, well done guys.” – Anipperess, Australia

“I love that this lets me read the print version of newspapers. Most newspaper websites have become too click-driven and have forgotten editorial policy. This app could mark a return to the good old days of newspapers.” – athempel, Austalia

Genial. Zeitung-Lesen ueberall, jederzeit und das guenstig. Die digitale Revolution wird damit erwachsen.” – iTunesHoerer, Germany

“Absoluut de beste “kranten reader” van dit moment. Goede leesbare tekst die je zelfs kan laten voorlezen. Goede prijs. Groet, Jeroen.” – Jeroen.visser, Netherlands

“This is the #1 reason I bought an iPad, to relax and read my favorite newspapers in their original formats. This app delivers as promised. I can see the front pages with all the top stories, and every page of every section just as if I picked up the daily paper. And I can read 3 or 4 or more papers a day, some of the best newspapers in the world, for about a dollar. I already subscribed to PressDisplay on the web but reading the papers on the iPad is easier, faster, and more convenient. You can take your papers anywhere and turn to them all day long, whether you have an Internet connection or not. Why is this better than reading newspaper websites for free? You get the editing and layout of a newspaper, so you know right away if a story is a noteworthy feature or a tiny wire-service filler. You’re not constantly distracted by links and page breaks and bouncing pop-ups. You get all the columnists, comics, scoreboards, everything page by page. Plus, it’s a good feeling that you have paid something (not a lot, but something) for the people who put it together. If you love newspapers, you should try this app.” – mlaurence, USA

“Wonderful app, anybody that rates this app below 4 stars is nuts. Great way to keep up with the news without getting a watered down version of a newspaper that I’ve seen with other apps. Newspapers look exactly like the real thing and very easy to navigate. Just the other day, my granddad called and told me about his commanding officer’s death in World War 2. Granddad has great stories about flying as a fighter pilot in the pacific and it was something I wouldn’t miss for anything. I was able to quickly find that article quickly using the PressReader app. Without this app it would not have been possible.” – Yowwwwvah, USA

“I love newspapers and I travel a lot. This app is ideal. I don’t know how they do it but they do it. And it deserves a hell of a lot publicity. Newspapers from around the world within an instance delivered to your iPad. I am such a fan.” – yocko, USA

We want your feedback too!  If you’re enjoying PressReader on your iPad, please post your comments on iTunes too!



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