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PressReader vs. SmartEdition: How ND technology helps publishers profit in the app age

The arrival of the iPad in early April has without question, brought the publishing world into a bit of a tizzy.

Assuming the goals of increasing revenues, growing readership and meeting the evolving needs of readers the world over remain, the potential of the iPad leaves little doubt – it’s time to jump aboard the app train!

With publishers investing heavily in the development and delivery of content on the iPad and often failing to meet the needs and expectations of readers, why not simplify matters?  Why not allow NewspaperDirect, the world leader in digital publishing technology, handle your application needs – at absolutely no operational cost!

NewspaperDirect offers publishers two viable application options for the iPad:

PressReader, which provides users with access to PressDisplay.com’s 1,500+ titles, and ND’s privately branded SmartEdition apps that leverages PressReader technology.

Here’s a quick rundown of both:

So what’s the best option?  It’s simple – both!

To meet the growing demands of readers worldwide while increasing market share and revenues, making your publication available to readers through PressReader AND a privately branded SmartEdition app is a no brainer!

Keep in mind however that while the iPad is the hottest device on the market with seemingly limitless potential, it won’t be long before other devices captivate the minds and wallets of consumers – definitely a costly prospect for publishers attempting to develop and maintain apps in-house.

By alleviating the associated technical burdens, partnerships with NewspaperDirect allow publishers to focus and invest in what they do best – content!

Simply, our goal is to remain on the cutting edge so you don’t have to.  Whether it’s the development of an app for the next tablet or smartphone or compatibility with the latest eReader, NewspaperDirect will be there…as will your publication, to the delight of your readers.

For more information, please contact NewspaperDirect at digital@newspaperdirect.com.



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