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Earth Day 2011: Help Reach A Billion Acts of Green!

The motto for Earth Day 2011 is a simple one: Pledge an Act, Save Our Planet.

As we all know, we share a very delicate relationship with the world we live.  Unfortunately, this relationship is one mankind has and continues to abuse.  And although we’ve all come a long way in the last several years, we have to keep in mind that every eco-friendly effort or act we make and commit to will have a profound positive effect on the environment moving forward.

This year, Earth Day organizers have set a lofty but attainable goal asking for 1 billion green pledges.  Whether this pledge is as simple as turning off the lights in your house when they’re not needed or as complicated as reducing the number of times you fly per year, every act of green helps!

Are you looking for some green inspiration?

Well, if your favorite newspaper is still being delivered to your door each and every day, then why not make this the year you go digital with or PressReader! In doing so, you’ll immediately reduce your carbon footprint provided you turn your computer off when it’s not being used or unplug your favorite device when it’s not being charged.  It’s a pretty unique pledge if you ask me.

See what others from around the world have pledged this Earth Day by visiting and don’t forget to submit your own act of green.  Again, every act large or small plays a significant role.

Pledge an Act, Save Our Planet!

Happy Earth Day to all.

Michael surpasses 100,000 trees saved!

Congratulations subscribers!

Thanks to your commitment and willingness to go green, you’ve now successfully helped save over 100,000 trees by reading your favorite daily newspapers online in full digital replica format or downloaded to your favorite mobile device, tablet or eReader.

Let’s quickly put this great achievement into perspective.

Typically, forests contain approximately 200 mature trees per acre, meaning PressDisplay’s 100,000 saved trees translates into roughly 500 acres of forest preserved.  That’s almost as large as New York’s Central Park OR half of Stanley Park in beautiful Vancouver, BC.  Incredible!

Created by Derek K. Miller in June 2002. © 2002 Derek K. Miller, some rights reserved.

At the start of 2009, PressDisplay’s “Trees Saved” counter was just over 42,000.  That’s an additional 58,000 trees saved in a little more than a year and half!  With more and more great ways to enjoy PressDisplay’s 1,500+ international titles on so many new devices, we’re confident that next year will see that number rise at an even faster rate.

Keep reading and kudos for doing your part!



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Happy New Year from the PressDisplay Team

January 1, 2009 1 comment

Is it 2009 already?  Goodness how time flies!  I started thinking today about all the great product enhancements that have happened at NewspaperDirect since I joined back in 2006 and there are just too many to mention.  So I decided to look back on just one year and compare what life was like on January 1, 2008 compared to December 31, 2008.   And the results were quite amazing…

Remember this post?  I did this on January 3, 2008:

January post 2008

I was so excited that PressDisplay readers had saved over 21,000 trees by choosing to read their newspapers online versus in print.  Now remember, that 21,599 number represented the entire lifespan of the product, which was launched in 2003.  So we’re talking over 3 years at that point. 

So now, let’s take a look at what the counter was on December 31st:

Over 40,000 trees saved

We’ve doubled the number of trees saved in just 1 year!  Isn’t that fantastic?!

But when you think about it, a product like this is pretty exciting and given what we have done to it over the last year and the number of new titles we’ve added in the last 12 months (from ~600 to over 850!), it’s no wonder we’ve doubled the number of libraries adopting it as a standard (from 600 in January to over 1,200 today!). 

The same growth applies to our corporate sales of the product (those executives just love monitoring their names and companies in the news). 

Consumers are flocking to the site because of they can get PressDisplay on their Smart Phones,  iPhones, BlackBerry and iPod Touch devices.  And let’s not forget that we now offer PressDisplay on the new e-Readers hitting the market.

Yes, in one year a lot has happened and from what I know about our product plans, this is just the beginning.  Keep watching for news early in 2009.  Apps and more e-Readers are about to be launched.  And some of those titles you’ve been asking for are “in the works” 😉

2009 is going to be a great year and I know that news junkies like me will be cheering about the new features, titles and devices coming their way on PressDisplay.  Look what just a couple of them told me this year…

“I love! It is amazing to read newspapers from around the world as soon as they are published. I have stopped newspapers from coming to my door for the first time since I began reading them 35 years ago!”, Paul, Canada

“I’ve just visited your site for the first time after a friend told me about it. I live in New Zealand and miss the quality English press very much. It was absolutely great to find such a site – easy to navigate, friendly interface and – joy of joys – current news by top notch journos! Thanks again, it’s quite possible you’ve saved my life – or my current affairs knowledge anyway!” Jane, New Zealand

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to try PressDisplay, now’s your chance.   Just register here using the offer code: 2009 and receive a full month of unlimited access for free.  

Just a little new year’s present from the PressDisplay Team.

Happy New Year everyone!


What is your Earth Day resolution?

April 24, 2008 Leave a comment

According to a recent survey by McKinsey, almost 70 percent of executives around the world say that global social, environmental, and business trends are increasingly important to corporate strategy. Yet relatively few companies act on the global trends they think will affect them most.

Why do you think that is?  Why don’t corpoorations do more?

Well, it’s easy to point the finger and chastise them for not taking a more “global” position on social and environmental issues, but then we’d be living in a big glass house, wouldn’t we? 

Take a look around your office or your house and then ask yourself, “Am I thinking and acting globally?”  Oh sure, we all recycle our plastic and paper bags, bottles and newsprint, but is that enough? 

Everyday, I see dozens of people taking the next step and saying NO to plastic bags and buying those reusable cloth sacks to carry home their groceries (I have at least 1/2 dozen of them – I keep buying them when I forget to bring them to the store).  New “good” habits take a while getting used to, but I’ll persevere because I think it is the right thing to do.

Trees Saved by ReadersAnd thousands of people are saying NO to newsprint and saying YES to digital newspapers instead.  Not only are they not giving up anything (except maybe inky fingers), they are gaining, by enjoying access to hundreds of international newspapers they never had the opportunity to read before, plus a ton of advanced digital features that enhance their reading pleasure.

NewspaperDirect introduced the Say NO to Newsprint Corporate Program a few weeks ago and it’s really taken off, so it would appear that some companies are starting to walk the talk about corporate sustainability.  This is great news.

But what about consumers?  Well yesterday, NewspaperDirect offered new users to unlimited access for a whole month for FREE if they registered with the offer code:  Earth Day.

The offer still stands so why not give it at try and then let me know what you think.  If you’re like me, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!



NewspaperDirect launches “Say No to Newsprint; say Yes to Newspapers” at GLOBE 2008

March 5, 2008 1 comment

Did you know that:

“Large ethical companies outperformed the MSCI World Index by an average of 25%”, Goldman Sachs 2007 Survey


“80% of young professionals are interested in securing a job that has a positive impact on the envrioonment and 90% calimed they would prefer to work for an environmentally friendly employer.”,  MonsterTrack 2007 Survey

In successful organizations, Corporate Sustainability is in the center of business operations and also finding its way into employee recruitment and retention programs.  Smart employers in today’s tight labor market know that there is strong correlation between a company’s environmental practices and employee attitudes.  According to 2007 survey results, 78% of Canadians said they would leave their current job  for a more environmentally friendly employer”.  Providing an environmentally friendly workplace is becoming a differentiator in the war for top talent.

GLOBE 2008So, it’s no wonder that North America’s largest and most important International Conference on the Business of the Environment, GLOBE 2008, has chosen Corporate Sustainability as one of its key themes at this year’s conference, being held in Vancouver, BC at the Vancouver Convention Centre, March 12-14.

And it’s also not a surprise that NewspaperDirect will be there as a media sponsor promoting its newly launchedSay NO to Newsprint; Say YES to Newspapers” Corporate Sustainability Program, offering free access to to all attendees at the show and for a month following the event. (GLOBE attendees can register at with offer code: GLOBE 2008)

“GLOBE 2008 attracts thousands of environmental business and government leaders who value instant access to business-critical information no matter where they are,” said Nancy Wright, vice president of marketing for The GLOBE Foundation. “Corporate Sustainability is a key theme of GLOBE 2008, and so we are pleased to be able to offer attendees access to, as a more sustainable option for tracking important issues in mainstream media from around the world.”

NewspaperDirect offers governments and businesses a green alternative to the printed newspapers they normally purchase in bulk for the office.   NewspaperDirect’s “Say NO to Newsprint; Say YES to Newspapers” program is designed to support an organizations’ efforts to create a more eco-friendly environment at the office, and in the homes, of their employees.  It enables companies to provide employees personal use access to for about the price of a single newspaper subscription — at home, at work, during their commute, or when traveling.

Trees Saved by is a standard offering at hundreds of libraries around the world and is accessed by millions of users every day who have, collectively, saved more than 24,000 trees by choosing to read their favorite newspapers on, rather than in print.

To learn more about the “Say NO to Newsprint, Say YES to Newspapers” corporate sustainability program, contact

Over 21,500 Trees Saved!

January 3, 2008 Leave a comment

Happy new year everyone!

Did you notice that the Tree Saved Counter has surpassed 20,000 trees?  PressDisplay Trees Saved CounterThis is so great to see and it’s all because of people like you who choose to read their favorite newspapers online on rather than in print.

I’ve been doing further research into this subject, trying to really understand the carbon footprint of the newspaper industry for a report I am writing.  I came across an interesting article which provided an analysis of the carbon footprint of The New York Times (yes, it’s scary).

Anyway, the author used a number of sites in his research and one that caught my attention was called “Market Initiatives“.  It provides some very interesting data from Environment Canada and  According to these experts, 17 trees produce 1 tonne of newsprint.  In my “Say No to Newsprint” posting of October 3rd, I underestimated that by almost 30 % – yikes!  This mistake resulted in an underestimation of the number of trees readers have actually saved.

Needless to say, as soon as I discovered my mistake, I immediately asked the development team to correct our formula online. 

Thanks again to all of you who have “gone green” with us.   And for those who haven’t tried PressDisplay before, I invite you to try it for free for 1 month. Just register at using the offer code:  Go Green.


Ode to a tree

December 19, 2007 Leave a comment

In putting together this Seasons Greetings posting to all our PressDisplay and SmartEdition readers, I thought about writing a jingle and then I thought about rewriting “I’m dreaming of a white green Xmas”, but because we had our Christmas party last night and I’m a bit tired today :), I thought I’d keep it short and sweet and share with you a new limerick I just wrote:

Ode to a tree

There once was a tree standing tall
Sadly destined to join the great fall
    Printed news was its fate,
    Til subscribers yelled, “Wait!”
“Read online – make life better for all!”

Okay, I’ll stick to my day job 🙂

All kidding aside, the NewspaperDirect Digital Team would like to send all of our PressDisplay and SmartEdition readers a big thank you for saying no to newprint and helping us save our forests.  Have a very happy holiday and we look forward to serving you in 2008! 

 NewspaperDirect Xmas Card