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Visit NewspaperDirect at Online Information Asia-Pacific!

With successful conferences held in the UK over the last 30 years, Online Information will be heading to Hong Kong for a brand new annual event dedicated to the Pan-Asian Information Profession.

Open to venders, publishers, businesses and the general public on March 23-24, 2011 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, the conference will look to examine the latest innovations and ideas from the information world through a broad range of learning opportunities.

So whether you’re a publisher looking to expand your digital distribution or a business or library looking for new tools to meet your growing needs, make a point to meet up with NewspaperDirect’s  Vice President, Digital, Igor Smirnoff and Global Business Development Manager, Mark Ritchie at STAND 203 to discuss NewspaperDirect’s innovative publishing solutions!

Also make sure to catch the following exciting talks by Igor and Mark at the conference!

Igor Smirnoff, VP, Digital: Wednesday March 23rd @ 11:30 am

Newspapers on Tablets & Mobile Devices

Mark Ritchie, Manager, Global Business Development: Thursday March 24th @ 2:00 pm

Beyond the Printed Newspaper

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!



Why Students Need

September 10, 2010 2 comments

Recently, Joshua-Kim Campion, an avid user of NewspaperDirect’s service, emailed in to share his thoughts on why he considers a service he can’t, and other students shouldn’t, live without.

Here’s what he had to say:

Is it still possible in 2010 to succeed in life without a degree? You know, the “American Dream”? The house, the wife, the dog, the kids… We often hear that the future belongs to educated people, those who actually have that college or university degree in their pockets. I’ve been reflecting on this a lot lately as I was looking into the possibility of going back to school to get that mandatory paper everyone is talking about, which I proudly did a couple weeks ago, but all of this thinking got me to wonder: Is it a guarantee of success for the rest of my life? What about global knowledge? Being informed? Know what’s happening in the world? Isn’t it something that’s also important to succeed in life? Haven’t I been able to do it for all those years, with great success?

Wherever you’re from, whatever language you speak, when you’re studying to get a degree, you need to get your information out of somewhere. You need to expand your horizons; you need to do further research to get different opinions to be able to make your own.  Books are good, libraries are good, but in 2010, in the information era, one needs to have access to valuable information from multiple sources, quickly and easily; one needs to have access to all of these different opinions to improve their knowledge to further succeed in life. I strongly believe that the future belongs to those who can see the whole forest and not only the tree in front of them.

Being an information and media addict, always wanting to expand my horizons, know more, I got the chance to discover an amazing product about a year ago, which is by NewspaperDirect. The company currently offers 1670 fully digitalized newspapers, from 92 countries and in 48 different languages, which you can access from multiple platforms: computers, smartphones, Irex and the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet that’s been announced on September 2nd 2010.

This is the dream product for any college or university student. Not only can you entertain yourself by reading the newspaper online or on your iPhone while riding the bus, you can do research on the subject you’re studying, maybe get an out-of-the-box theory from an Australian journalist that would blow everybody’s mind? If you’re on the go, you can listen to your newspaper while driving, working, studying (shhhhhh!!!). If you’re an international student, you can keep in touch with your country by reading your local newspaper, every morning, in your language. This is a great way to stay connected with your environment, wherever you are; an amazing opportunity to increase your global knowledge; even a great tool to assist in learning languages with its built in translation tool. You have a major research to make on a specific subject? Their monitoring option allows you to set-up alerts on different products, companies… Whatever field you’re in, there’s an endless academic use to PressDisplay.

I’ve been using the product for more than a year now and wouldn’t know how to get by without it… And you’ve got to admit, it feels good to save a tree here and there :).

Joshua-Kim Campion

Thanks for the kind words Joshua-Kim!

Library PressDisplay Now Available in 1,000+ Libraries Worldwide

October 15, 2008 Leave a comment

The good news never ends! 

At the Frankfurt Book Fair today, NewspaperDirect announced that Library is now available in more than 1,000 libraries worldwide. As libraries flock to the Web-based newsstand, millions of library patrons are enjoying instant access to more than 800 full-content newspapers and magazines — from 81 countries and in 38 languages. 

Congratulations to the Library of the University Carlos III in Madrid, Spain!  It became the 1,000th library to adopt Library PressDisplay as its international news source.

“After evaluating alternatives for accessing international press, our Journalism and Library Science departments recommended Library PressDisplay to us,” said Aurora de Mesa, librarian for the Library of the University of Carlos III. “And we’ve discovered that it is not only a great resource for research and teaching, it is the best source for international press for the whole University.”

Library PressDisplay is distributed by NewspaperDirect in co-operation with its global partners (EBSCO, ProQuest and Swets to name a few).  In fact, it was Swets that closed the 1,000 library deal for us. 

“Swets is committed to providing its customers with class-leading services that make the most relevant information available in the most efficient and convenient manner,” said Thomas Snyder, chief commercial officer for Swets. “Press Display ensures that same-day information is readily available for researchers around the world in a highly innovative and sophisticated manner. The response from our customer base has been highly enthusiastic and we look forward to continuing our fruitful and rewarding partnership with NewspaperDirect.”

It was only 7 months ago we announced 600 libraries adopting Library PressDisplay.  The growth we’re seeing is phenomenal – we’ll be at 2,000 before you know it!


What is your Earth Day resolution?

April 24, 2008 Leave a comment

According to a recent survey by McKinsey, almost 70 percent of executives around the world say that global social, environmental, and business trends are increasingly important to corporate strategy. Yet relatively few companies act on the global trends they think will affect them most.

Why do you think that is?  Why don’t corpoorations do more?

Well, it’s easy to point the finger and chastise them for not taking a more “global” position on social and environmental issues, but then we’d be living in a big glass house, wouldn’t we? 

Take a look around your office or your house and then ask yourself, “Am I thinking and acting globally?”  Oh sure, we all recycle our plastic and paper bags, bottles and newsprint, but is that enough? 

Everyday, I see dozens of people taking the next step and saying NO to plastic bags and buying those reusable cloth sacks to carry home their groceries (I have at least 1/2 dozen of them – I keep buying them when I forget to bring them to the store).  New “good” habits take a while getting used to, but I’ll persevere because I think it is the right thing to do.

Trees Saved by ReadersAnd thousands of people are saying NO to newsprint and saying YES to digital newspapers instead.  Not only are they not giving up anything (except maybe inky fingers), they are gaining, by enjoying access to hundreds of international newspapers they never had the opportunity to read before, plus a ton of advanced digital features that enhance their reading pleasure.

NewspaperDirect introduced the Say NO to Newsprint Corporate Program a few weeks ago and it’s really taken off, so it would appear that some companies are starting to walk the talk about corporate sustainability.  This is great news.

But what about consumers?  Well yesterday, NewspaperDirect offered new users to unlimited access for a whole month for FREE if they registered with the offer code:  Earth Day.

The offer still stands so why not give it at try and then let me know what you think.  If you’re like me, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!



NewspaperDirect launches “Say No to Newsprint; say Yes to Newspapers” at GLOBE 2008

March 5, 2008 1 comment

Did you know that:

“Large ethical companies outperformed the MSCI World Index by an average of 25%”, Goldman Sachs 2007 Survey


“80% of young professionals are interested in securing a job that has a positive impact on the envrioonment and 90% calimed they would prefer to work for an environmentally friendly employer.”,  MonsterTrack 2007 Survey

In successful organizations, Corporate Sustainability is in the center of business operations and also finding its way into employee recruitment and retention programs.  Smart employers in today’s tight labor market know that there is strong correlation between a company’s environmental practices and employee attitudes.  According to 2007 survey results, 78% of Canadians said they would leave their current job  for a more environmentally friendly employer”.  Providing an environmentally friendly workplace is becoming a differentiator in the war for top talent.

GLOBE 2008So, it’s no wonder that North America’s largest and most important International Conference on the Business of the Environment, GLOBE 2008, has chosen Corporate Sustainability as one of its key themes at this year’s conference, being held in Vancouver, BC at the Vancouver Convention Centre, March 12-14.

And it’s also not a surprise that NewspaperDirect will be there as a media sponsor promoting its newly launchedSay NO to Newsprint; Say YES to Newspapers” Corporate Sustainability Program, offering free access to to all attendees at the show and for a month following the event. (GLOBE attendees can register at with offer code: GLOBE 2008)

“GLOBE 2008 attracts thousands of environmental business and government leaders who value instant access to business-critical information no matter where they are,” said Nancy Wright, vice president of marketing for The GLOBE Foundation. “Corporate Sustainability is a key theme of GLOBE 2008, and so we are pleased to be able to offer attendees access to, as a more sustainable option for tracking important issues in mainstream media from around the world.”

NewspaperDirect offers governments and businesses a green alternative to the printed newspapers they normally purchase in bulk for the office.   NewspaperDirect’s “Say NO to Newsprint; Say YES to Newspapers” program is designed to support an organizations’ efforts to create a more eco-friendly environment at the office, and in the homes, of their employees.  It enables companies to provide employees personal use access to for about the price of a single newspaper subscription — at home, at work, during their commute, or when traveling.

Trees Saved by is a standard offering at hundreds of libraries around the world and is accessed by millions of users every day who have, collectively, saved more than 24,000 trees by choosing to read their favorite newspapers on, rather than in print.

To learn more about the “Say NO to Newsprint, Say YES to Newspapers” corporate sustainability program, contact

Library PressDisplay now available in over 600 libraries

February 14, 2008 Leave a comment

…and the number keeps growing…

A few weeks ago, I started to write a press release about the fact that over 500 libraries are now offering to their patrons.  But by the time I went to post it on the wire, the number had jumped to 600.  It’s hard to keep up!


In just over three years, has become the standard for online newspapers in libraries around the world.  It is much more affordable for libraries than receiving printed editions of international newspapers, and it offers an environmentally-friendly and more convenient alternative for patrons who enjoy instant access to hundreds of papers on the day they are published.

“In our public library, PressDisplay fills many needs,” said Chuck Sherrill, director, The Brentwood Library, Brentwood, Tennessee. “We could not possibly afford this many subscriptions to print copies of the variety of newspapers our patrons enjoy. PressDisplay gives us the opportunity to serve our multicultural and well-travelled community with up-to-date news from the cities and countries that are important to them.”

Library PressDisplay is particularly popular with teachers, students, expatriates and local residents who enjoy the breadth and variety of hundreds of world publications — available on the day they are published.

“I use Library PressDisplay at my local library,” said Ray West of Hamilton, Ontario. “It has an excellent software interface. I have found that the navigation options are logical, predictable, and clever — and they always work as I expect them to. I particularly like the capsule comment on the mouse-over and the way I am always returned back to my jump-off point if I go off to read a particular story. I don’t think I have ever read so many different newspapers, so quickly.”

Why not check to see if your library offers to its patrons. And if it doesn’t, then tell them that they’re behind the times, and point them here!

News from INMA World Congress in Paris

April 26, 2007 Leave a comment

Good day Everyone!

Today at the International Newspaper Marketing Association (INMA) conference, NewspaperDirect made two exciting announcements.

Singapore’s The Straits Times has joined the hundreds of newspapers available in NewspaperDirect’s electronic distribution network (Print-On-Demand and This announcement marks a special milestone: there are now 500 titles available, from 73 countries and in 38 languages.

 “NewspaperDirect has the technology and global network to enable us to reach our readers — wherever and whenever they want access to their newspaper,” said Han Fook Kwang, editor of The Straits Times. “With NewspaperDirect, our overseas readers can enjoy either a rich online experience or a print product if that’s what they prefer.”

In just the first 3 months of this year, 77 titles have already been added.   To be perfectly honest…since we wrote this PR, we’ve added another 20 titles – we’re really at 520 today from 74 countries.  I just can’t keep up – we’ll hit 600 in no time!

And more great news for PressDisplay fans.  We’re seeing widespread adoption by public libraries. Take a look at what’s happening in Finland – almost every library in the country has now installed the library version of  

“PressDisplay service has been a huge success among our clientele,” said Janne Järvinen, CEO of LehtiMarket Oy. “This new newspaper service has been well received within the academic and public libraries. It has been a valuable supplement to our conventional subscription management services.”

I’ll have more great news about Library PressDisplay for you shortly, so keep checking back…

Au revoir!