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New to NewspaperDirect: March 2011

Over the month of March, 19 new publications were added to NewspaperDirect’s Digital and Print-on-Demand networks.  Make sure to check them out online through or on your favorite tablet or mobile device through PressReader.

For a complete list of the titles available through NewspaperDirect’s publishing networks, please click here.



Catch Nikolay Malyarov weigh in on “The Big Digital Debate” at Publishing Expo UK

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Will you be attending this year’s Publishing Expo conference on March 1st and 2nd in London, England?

If you are, make sure to catch Nikolay Malyarov, NewspaperDirect’s Vice President of Publishing and Legal Affairs and the Irish Independent’s Patrick Lenehan, CTO – INM Ireland Digital, team up for The Big Digital Debate: Which Platform? And What Strategy? scheduled for Wednesday March 2nd at 2:10 pm.

And what can you expect if you attend? Well, nothing short of a great debate on hot button issues like:

  • Which of the many varied digital options will suite you and your company best?
  • Is the iPad right for you? and…
  • How to build a multi-faceted strategy for the varied digital platforms available to consumers?

Guaranteed to be riveting, Nikolay, Patrick and other panelists will attempt to provide those in attendance with clarity and perspective on issues those in the publishing world are currently facing, so don’t miss out!

And don’t forget to drop by and chat with Johanie Marcoux, Director, Publishing at NewspaperDirect at booth B25 to see all the latest releases of PressReader and SmartEdition apps on the newest tablets.

We hope to see you there!



Updated PressReader for Android Released!

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment

News junkies rejoice! PressReader v1.1.11.0221, now available for download through the Android Market or, brings users some great new features, functionality, enhancements and fixes.

With PressReader for Android v1.1.11.0221, users now have the ability to:

  • Easily set up new accounts using in app registration
  • Share articles via Twitter and Facebook
  • Select and designate favorite titles (synced with “My Newspapers”)
  • Sort and view titles in Store by favorite designation or recently ordered (in addition to country or language)
  • Intuitively browse supplements grouped under respective main publications with the option to “download all supplements”  (a note to Pay As You Go subscribers:  once a supplement is purchased within a supplement group, all others within that group are available free of charge)

…where they will be able to enjoy:

  • A streamlined auto-delivery process where a publication’s latest issue will be downloaded rather than its complete issue history
  • A notification message appearing in the system bar advising download completion
  • Enhanced search functionality when searching within a specific country (i.e. results from that specific country will appear first)
  • The ability to select a specific account if multiple accounts have been authorized

…and will no longer have to worry about:

  • The unavailability of 7 free trial issues associated with each new PressReader installation
  • Not being able to “Connect to the server”
  • Purchasing individual issues without receiving a confirmation prompt (applies to Pay As You Go subscribers only)

As always, we would love to hear your feedback, comments and suggestions! Please let us know how we’re doing by sending us a note through PressReader’s email utility, located under the Settings option, or by sending an email directly to



Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1 unveiled at MWC: PressReader – key component of Readers Hub

February 15, 2011 Leave a comment

With its success and popularity only growing on the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Samsung Galaxy S (amongst other Android devices), newspaper junkies and Samsung enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that PressReader will be pre-installed on Samsung’s two latest gems, the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Unveiled by Samsung earlier in the week at the Mobile World Congress (14-17 February 2011) in Barcelona, Spain, each device will see PressReader housed in Samsung’s unique ‘Readers Hub’.

PressReader for the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1 will provide users with the opportunity to download and read over 1,800 full-content digital newspaper replicas from 94 countries in 49 languages just the way the title was printed – with no compromises in quality, fidelity or content.

Catch a quick peek of PressReader in the Readers Hub of the Galaxy S II in the video below (approx. 2:05 mark):

More and more, manufactures are understanding that to effectively meet the needs of consumers, their devices need to look good, feel good and most importantly, do more.

With the world’s press just a finger tap away, PressReader helps to do just that!

For more information on PressReader, make sure to check out



New to NewspaperDirect: January 2011

Over the month of January, 38 exciting new titles were added to NewspaperDirect’s service.  With the new additions, the 1,800 title mark available through PressDisplay and PressReader is just a stone’s throw away as we currently sit at 1,780 newspapers and magazines strong!

Check them out below:

For a complete list of the titles available through NewspaperDirect’s digital publishing network, please click here.



New to NewspaperDirect: December 2010

As 2011 quickly moves forward, let’s take one quick look back at December 2010 and the 37 new titles that became available through NewspaperDirect’s service and PressReader applications.  Check them out here:

For a complete list of the titles available through NewspaperDirect’s digital publishing network, please click here.



PressReader for Android Released!

January 11, 2011 5 comments

For all the Android users out there who have been champing at the bit…the wait is over!

PressReader for Android has been released and is now available for download through the Android Market! To check it out, simply scan the QR Code to the left with your device.

With PressReader, users will now be able to read over 1,750 full-content newspapers from 92 countries in 48 languages on their favorite Android smartphone or tablet.  And just like PressReader for iPad/iPhone, PressReader for Android will allow readers to:

  • Set up automated subscriptions to their favorite titles
  • Flip pages like their reading real publications
  • Pan and zoom articles and photos and view in stunning clarity
  • Easily browse publications using page thumbnails or interactive tables of contents
  • Open full articles in easy-to-read text view
  • Share articles by email
  • Listen to publications using on-demand audio
  • Search across titles and select titles they wish to download
  • Authorize PressReader as part of their subscription

“From the moment PressReader hit the iPad, we received countless requests for the same app on Android devices,” said Alex Kroogman, CEO of NewspaperDirect. “With the launch of PressReader for Android, we have opened up a wealth of new delivery channels for our publishing partners. And while publishers enjoy the increased audited circulation and revenues that come with being part of PressReader, SmartEdition publishers can also choose to white-label PressReader for their loyal subscribers at zero operational cost to them.”

For those who are new to PressReader or, enjoy 7 free trial issues once PressReader has been downloaded.  If you’d like to learn a little more about PressReader, make sure to check out

If you’re already a subscriber, click here for instructions on how to authorize PressReader.

As always, we would love to get as much feedback as possible so please send all of your comments and suggestions to or be the first to comment on this post.