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New to NewspaperDirect: March 2011

Over the month of March, 19 new publications were added to NewspaperDirect’s Digital and Print-on-Demand networks.  Make sure to check them out online through or on your favorite tablet or mobile device through PressReader.

For a complete list of the titles available through NewspaperDirect’s publishing networks, please click here.



PressReader for iPad & iPhone Updated!

The latest version of PressReader for iPad & iPhone is now available for download through the iTunes App Store!

As with every new PressReader release, we attempt to bring readers cool new features, functionality and performance enhancements and version 2.3 of the app is no exception as users will be able to:

  • Read publications as full double page spreads (in landscape orientation on iPad only)
  • Choose to download or auto-deliver ALL supplements belonging to a publication
  • Select favorite publications and view them easily through a new “My Newspapers” section
  • Find publications by name using a new global search listing
  • Enjoy full retina display support (on iPhone & iPod Touch 4 devices)
  • See available back issues when ordering publications
  • Benefit from numerous fixes and enhancements

As always, we would love to hear your feedback! Please feel free to email us with your comments, questions or suggestions at or by using the “Send Us Feedback” option available through PressReader.

Enjoy and don’t forget to rate PressReader on iTunes!



Catch Nikolay Malyarov weigh in on “The Big Digital Debate” at Publishing Expo UK

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Will you be attending this year’s Publishing Expo conference on March 1st and 2nd in London, England?

If you are, make sure to catch Nikolay Malyarov, NewspaperDirect’s Vice President of Publishing and Legal Affairs and the Irish Independent’s Patrick Lenehan, CTO – INM Ireland Digital, team up for The Big Digital Debate: Which Platform? And What Strategy? scheduled for Wednesday March 2nd at 2:10 pm.

And what can you expect if you attend? Well, nothing short of a great debate on hot button issues like:

  • Which of the many varied digital options will suite you and your company best?
  • Is the iPad right for you? and…
  • How to build a multi-faceted strategy for the varied digital platforms available to consumers?

Guaranteed to be riveting, Nikolay, Patrick and other panelists will attempt to provide those in attendance with clarity and perspective on issues those in the publishing world are currently facing, so don’t miss out!

And don’t forget to drop by and chat with Johanie Marcoux, Director, Publishing at NewspaperDirect at booth B25 to see all the latest releases of PressReader and SmartEdition apps on the newest tablets.

We hope to see you there!



New to NewspaperDirect: January 2011

Over the month of January, 38 exciting new titles were added to NewspaperDirect’s service.  With the new additions, the 1,800 title mark available through PressDisplay and PressReader is just a stone’s throw away as we currently sit at 1,780 newspapers and magazines strong!

Check them out below:

For a complete list of the titles available through NewspaperDirect’s digital publishing network, please click here.



New to NewspaperDirect: December 2010

As 2011 quickly moves forward, let’s take one quick look back at December 2010 and the 37 new titles that became available through NewspaperDirect’s service and PressReader applications.  Check them out here:

For a complete list of the titles available through NewspaperDirect’s digital publishing network, please click here.



Rave Reviews for iPad/iPhone PressReader Release 2.2

December 30, 2010 2 comments

Happy New Year PressReader Fans! I hope you like our holiday gift to you – a new release of PressReader that is better than ever!

We listened when you asked for more stability, faster zooming, the ability to print articles and share them on social media.   And we’ve added all those features/enhancements to this release, including support for iOS 4.2.

And if the comments on iTunes are any indication, then I think we’ve got a winner here!

Amazing resource (by Ipaddington)
Vast selection, fast loading, nice UI. Instapaper support would be the only improvement I would wish for. Nonetheless this is a true news junkie’s dream.

Much more stable (by GlenG US)
Very stable and fast finally!
Printing work like a charm

Great! (by Pixe11)

Zooming into the paper seems to be even faster now with this update (not that you need to zoom; you can just tap a headline to see a text view). I use it every day. Can’t wait to see what new features are coming in future updates.

And my personal favorite 😉

Would love to love you — and now I do (by lucenvoyage)
This is an update to my earlier review — and as promised, this is getting five stars. You seem to have done it, guys! PressReader has been working flawlessly since this latest update. I’ve used PressReader for a while, and it’s always been fantastic, when it works like it’s supposed to — and now it does!
You can get a screen shot of the real printed version of papers in varying languages from around the world, roughly when they’re published. And I really like that. The thing that makes the paper readable is the PDF engine that automatically loads a story that you can select on the screen, which is the way PressReader makes the newspapers readable on a small screen like the iPhone, or even on a larger screen like the iPad.

I love the ability to quickly “flip” through the paper, pressing on that page I want, which then pops up on the screen, with the articles highlighted and reading to read. I can download multiple newspapers from around the world in multiple languages.

Why is it better than reading from a website? Well, you get to see what the layout of the paper is, with everything, including advertisements. You get to read the news like the editors intend. . . And you can e-mail the articles to yourself or others for your records or for just interest’s sake.

For me and my work, it’s priceless. PressReader is easily the most important app on my iPhone. Now — even dizzying array of newspapers doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be nice to have even more. . .

As we turn the page on 2010, we would once again like to thank you for your continued feedback and support. PressReader has undergone significant changes and improvements over the last several months, and with your help, 2011 is shaping up for more of the same so please continue sending us your comments and suggestions. Version 2.2 of PressReader gets the ball rolling this New Year with improved stability and added functionality.

So if you haven’t checked out PressReader for a while or you haven’t upgraded to version 2.2 DO IT NOW!

Just one small thing…If you need support or you want to send us feedback, please email us at instead of using the FEEDBACK feature in the app.  It seems to have come down with the holiday fever and isn’t behaving as it should. Sorry about that.  The doctor is on it, however, and it will be back in fine form in our next release. 🙂

And if you didn’t see your favorite feature in this release, don’t worry; we have a whole list of things PressReader fans have asked for and we’re lining them up for 2011.  And, since I can’t wait for it either, I did take a sneak peek into V 2.3 and if you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll share a few of 2.3 planned features…

What do you think of:

  • Double page view in landscape mode
  • Support for instapaper and evernote.

Pretty cool, eh? But shhh….Mum’s the word, ok?  🙂

Happy New Year everyone!


NewspaperDirect Appoints Igor Smirnoff to Vice President, Digital

December 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Earlier in the week, NewspaperDirect officially announced the appointment of Igor Smirnoff, former Director of Strategic Development, to the position of Vice President, Digital.

In his new role, Igor will be responsible for driving strategic relationships with technology and market partners, while managing digital sales channels, including professional content-management solutions and the fast-growing Library and Corporate PressDisplay services offered by NewspaperDirect.

“Over the past seven years, Igor has been a key contributor to the success of this company,” said Alexander Kroogman, CEO of NewspaperDirect. “I look forward to his continued success in managing strategic alliances with our partners while he takes on the added responsibility of growing revenues in corporate, academic and public sectors.”

“We have made tremendous progress in recent years: from a small print-on-demand company that organized distribution at selected international hotels, to a global, dynamic print and digital enterprise that is a locomotive for innovation in the publishing industry,” said Igor Smirnoff, vice president, Digital at NewspaperDirect. “Change is omnipresent and inevitable in this business; every technology innovation we introduce, every new market we open, or new partnership we forge, has an immediate and positive impact for the newspaper and magazine industry and individual publishers. These are exciting times and I am thrilled to be behind the wheel on this ride.”

Congratulations from the entire NewspaperDirect Team!