Rules & Conduct

At The PressDisplay Blog, we’re learning quickly about spam and inappropriate posts.  So we’ve set up some guidelines on comments and will start moderating them daily.  This does not mean we are avoiding tough subjects.   It means we want to keep the blog working in the spirit for which it was intended – a forum to improve for our customers, publishers and partners.

We will read and review 100% of your comments, and all comments that fall within our “rules of engagement” will be posted – yes, even the tough ones.  We’re not going to ban negative comments or product support questions.

Here are our 3 Rules of Engagement

  1. We encourage candid and respectful comments on The PressDisplay Club in order to foster productive dialogue that can help us learn from each other.  We call our corporate blog a “club” because we want to have each contributor feel part of a forum where their constructive comments can be tabled and discussed in an open, honest and respectful manner.
  2. The dialogue on this blog should be about NewspaperDirect and its products, services and technologies.   On occasion, we’ll also share information about related topics in the industry or news on our partners and publishers.
  3. In the spirit of keeping this conversation with each other respectful, we’ll not post any comments if they are spam, inappropriate, use profanity or are defamatory in any way.

NewspaperDirect reserves the right to amend or change these Rules of Engagement at any time.  Please check back periodically to ensure you are in compliance.

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