NewspaperDirect’s SmartEdition ePaper solution, powered by PressDisplay technology, fits every publisher’s needs for a digital edition that retains readers attention longer than their website, offers new revenue opportunities with better ROI than their website and all for zero operational cost.

With SmartEdition, customers benefit from anywhere/anytime access to current and back issues of their favorite publications, while publishers enjoy audited paid circulation, a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly NIE and employee distribution program, and an innovative advertising platform (Adget) designed specifically for electronic editions and yields much higher ad revenues than traditional online models.

Guardian & Observer Digital Editions

SmartEdition incorporates NewspaperDirect’s proprietary PressDisplay technology and offers readers a wealth of digital features to enhance their reading experience and retain their interest in your publication longer:

  • Rich graphics or text only views
  • Interactive table of contents
  • Active links (URL’s, email addresses, phone numbers)
  • Multimedia in articles and advertisements
  • Translation into up to 12 languages
  • On-demand audio
  • Article ranking
  • Integration with social networks
  • Article sharing through email
  • Offline reading
  • Article voting and commenting
  • Blogging support
  • Bookmarks
  • Advanced search
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Back issue access

In addition, SmartEditions are available on more platforms than any other ePapers.  Not only do all SmartEditions run on PC and Mac platforms, they are available on mobile devices such as iPhones, Smart phones, BlackBerry and iPod devices, and the exciting new e-Readers that are hitting the markets today. Publishers can rest assured that their content will continue to be supported on new platforms as they are released such as the new Palm Pre Smartphone and other eReaders.

And if that is not enough…along with the many administrative, analytic, and reporting tools you get through NewspaperDirect, the company has developed specialized technology to help publishers manage their content and advertisers:

  • Reading Map technology allows publishers to analyze reading patterns throughout their publication, gaining valuable insight into what elements of the publication are most, and least read.
  • Ad Value Map helps renew confidence in newspaper advertising by showing advertisers where and when to place ads in printed media in order to maximize exposure and ROI.

To top it all off, NewspaperDirect provides full hosting, payment acceptance and customer service management through our technical support at no cost to the publisher.

So what are you waiting for?  Just send us your PDF when you send it to your printer and start giving your readers what they want, when they want it, where they want it and how they want it.  It’s easy, effective and free.

If you want to learn more about SmartEdition technology, please contact us

Meanwhile, why not visit a few of these SmartEditions and witness our successful Paid Content model in action…

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Bangkok Post SmartEdition

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Edmonton Journal Digital

Evening Standard E-edition

Fairfax Media Digital Edition

Gazeta SmartEdition

Gazeta Wyborsza E-wydanie

Impresa Smart Edition

Jerusalem Post ePaper

Journal Pioneer Smart Edition

Kent Messenger Digital Newspapers

Kommersant SmartEdition

Komsomolskaya Pravda SmartEdition

Leader-Post Digital

Le Figaro en PDF

Mail & Guardian Online

Metro E-wydanie

National Post Digital

News and Tech SmartEdtion

New York Post e-Edition

Ottawa Citizen Digital

Pacific Media Smart Edition

Post Today E-Edition

Telegraph e-paper

The Australian Smart Edition

The Australian Jewish News SmartEdition

The Business Online SmartEdition

The Cairns Post e-Paper

The Calgary Herald Digital

The Commercial Appeal Digital Edition

The Covington News SmartEdition

The Daily News Smart Edition

The Evening Chronicle SmartEdition

The Evening Gazette SmartEdition

The Evening Times e-dition

Guardian & Observer Digital Editions

The Guardian Smart Edition (PEI, Canada)

The Gazette Digital

The Gulf News SmartEdition

The Herald Digital Edition

The Holly Media Group Smart Edition

The Hollywood Reporter Digital Edition

The Irish Times Digital Edition

The Jewish Chronicle epaper

The Journal Online

The London epaper

The Province Digital

The Rome News-Tribune SmartEdition

The Sportsman Smart Edition

The StarPhoenix Digital

The Sunday Sun SmartEdition

The Times Literary Supplement e-paper

The Vancouver Sun Digital

The Washington Post Electronic Edition

The Windsor Star Digital

Times Colonist Digital

Times of Malta Digital Edition

Times Online e-paper

Vedomosti SmartEdition

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