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Earth Day 2011: Help Reach A Billion Acts of Green!

The motto for Earth Day 2011 is a simple one: Pledge an Act, Save Our Planet.

As we all know, we share a very delicate relationship with the world we live.  Unfortunately, this relationship is one mankind has and continues to abuse.  And although we’ve all come a long way in the last several years, we have to keep in mind that every eco-friendly effort or act we make and commit to will have a profound positive effect on the environment moving forward.

This year, Earth Day organizers have set a lofty but attainable goal asking for 1 billion green pledges.  Whether this pledge is as simple as turning off the lights in your house when they’re not needed or as complicated as reducing the number of times you fly per year, every act of green helps!

Are you looking for some green inspiration?

Well, if your favorite newspaper is still being delivered to your door each and every day, then why not make this the year you go digital with or PressReader! In doing so, you’ll immediately reduce your carbon footprint provided you turn your computer off when it’s not being used or unplug your favorite device when it’s not being charged.  It’s a pretty unique pledge if you ask me.

See what others from around the world have pledged this Earth Day by visiting and don’t forget to submit your own act of green.  Again, every act large or small plays a significant role.

Pledge an Act, Save Our Planet!

Happy Earth Day to all.

Michael surpasses 100,000 trees saved!

Congratulations subscribers!

Thanks to your commitment and willingness to go green, you’ve now successfully helped save over 100,000 trees by reading your favorite daily newspapers online in full digital replica format or downloaded to your favorite mobile device, tablet or eReader.

Let’s quickly put this great achievement into perspective.

Typically, forests contain approximately 200 mature trees per acre, meaning PressDisplay’s 100,000 saved trees translates into roughly 500 acres of forest preserved.  That’s almost as large as New York’s Central Park OR half of Stanley Park in beautiful Vancouver, BC.  Incredible!

Created by Derek K. Miller in June 2002. © 2002 Derek K. Miller, some rights reserved.

At the start of 2009, PressDisplay’s “Trees Saved” counter was just over 42,000.  That’s an additional 58,000 trees saved in a little more than a year and half!  With more and more great ways to enjoy PressDisplay’s 1,500+ international titles on so many new devices, we’re confident that next year will see that number rise at an even faster rate.

Keep reading and kudos for doing your part!



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