“WOW…………..WOW, I really don’t know what to say except wow! This is the best way to present the news period. This was what I was looking for when I purchased every other reader out there in the app store. Nothing comes even close to the real thing other than buying the newspaper at your store. This is it plain and simple. Thank you for everything you did to get this into the app store. Anyone who puts in a negative review is not a real daily news reader. Keep it up guys!” Mark, USA

“I can’t begin to compliment and thank you enough for the tremendous update to PressReader!  Your work has rekindled my interest in newspaper reading.  The interface update is exceptional and I am pleased that you have given the option to backup the content with connecting with iTunes.  I have already recommending your application and service to several of my peers and they are equally enthused about your work!  This note is simply to thank you for this exceptional service!!!!”  Bob, Texas, USA

“This is completely fabulous awesome.   I’ve lived abroad for over 20 years but my family is still in Dublin.  This keeps me connected and reminds me of home.  Just so well done!  I’m back to opening the broadsheet like I did years ago robbing pieces from Da.  Excellent, excellent work!”  Rory, Chapel Hill, NC

“Fabulous product I am really enjoying it on my iPad” David, UK

“This is the best service I have ever seen. Thank you very much for this service and reasonable price for subscription. I wish you success.”  Barbaros, Turkey

“I’ve been a happy PressDisplay subscriber for the last few months. The iPad app is fantastic and has really revolutionized the way I read the papers. When people ask about the pad, yours is the app that I recommend most.” Nick, UK

“Wow, this is amazing! Well done with this app!” Rob, Bondi, Sydney, Australia

“I am a big fan of your service and it’s essentially the only thing I use my iPad for.  I’ve been addicted to newspapers proper for many, many years and getting decent newspapers like the Guardian in a timely way and at a reasonable price has been impossible, even in downtown Toronto.  What you offer has solved these issues I assumed I’d always be stuck with.  Papers look just fantastic on the iPad and I think it’s a really important development.  I just love it.” JP, Ontario

“I love Pressreader because I can read today’s newspapers from my home town (Glasgow, Scotland) even though I live in the USA.  And it’s not a modified version of the paper, with US-centric ads inserted and modified editorial content.  No, it’s the EXACT same paper that’s selling on the streets of Glasgow TODAY.  No messy ink-smudged fingers, and I can zoom effortlessly to make any story “large-type” for my tired  old eyes.   Pure dead brilliant (as they say in Glasgow).  :)” Ray, Atlanta, USA

“I absolutely love the iPad App; it’s my most used App!” Daniel, Australian living in London

“I’ve been using PressReader on the iPad since June – it is ace.” James, UK

“This is just great, haven’t been this excited about technology since the toaster and digital photography. PressReader is a dream come true.  Thanks and greetings from the Netherlands!” Edgar, Voorburg, The Netherlands

“Between PressReader linking to my PressDisplay.com account (it already knew, for instance, which were “My Newspapers”) and the glorious display of the iPad…PressReader has become a killer application for the iPad. Congrats on a super App!” Craig, South Carolina

“Congratulations for the iPad / iPhone version of PressReader; an amazing product/service that I’m wholeheartedly recommending to all my friends! I’ve just subscribed to the Personal Unlimited plan, great value for money for the service offered.” Filimon, Greece

“I have never come across an iPad app this unique and sophisticated! I sell iPads in a retail shop and recommend PressReader to all my customers. In fact, it’s the very first app I demo for them. Showing customers all the newspapers is priceless, especially when they are from different countries and can access any newspaper they want. PressReader is a ground-breaking, kick-ass app!”  Wayne, Australia

“Mighty impressed with PressReader App. For someone who enjoys reading quality newspapers it is pigs’ heaven! $1 a day for unlimited reading.” Neil, Australia

“PressReader is by far the best app on my iPad, it’s so cool to read your newspaper everywhere for just USD 0.99. And no, they don’t pay me :).” Marc

“I love your iPad app. I have now merged all my existing print subscriptions into a single app … yours! Please keep up the good work and keep my “iPad newspapers” coming. Reading newspapers, including ones not accessible for me before, in this way is so much more convenient than holding a large broadsheet and trying to turn pages … and my approach helps to save trees on top of it! Werner, Canada

“Just wanted to say how much I love the new iPad version (especially the latest version where it starts instantly). Your programmers are doing an excellent job!” Ian

“When buying the iPad, this app is exactly what I needed. As an expat this is the perfect way for me to read my paper every morning.” Basile, Bordeaux

“I find your application to be the best on getting full news to our iPads and the option of saving and being able to view the entire newspaper of your choice offline, grant you a big advantage vs. other applications on the market.” Daniel, USA

“I like your iPad AGE app. Getting the paper to my iPad each morning is something I’d pay a monthly subscription for, especially if you keep the cost of the sub under the cost of a normal subscription and if you keep making the app better. Great stuff! I’m really enjoying the trial.” James, Melbourne

“PressReader is a brilliant iPad app to read newspapers.” Bianca, UK

“PressReader offers a more traditional newspaper-reading experience than any other iPad app. Much as I like, for example, the USA Today app, I’m more inclined to read it inside PressReader–if for no other reason than the latter gives me the entire paper, cover to cover, not just selected stories.”  Rick Broida, CNET

“The PressReader app for the iPad is amazing. Don’t think I’d buy a traditional newspaper again. Only flaw is cutting coupons.”  Sam, Virginia

“Today I checked out the new PressReader app on the iPad, and I was totally sold on it! It is so cool, this app *might* be the future of media and just having this app justifies buying an iPad for me…” Marc

“I am so happy to see this app, finally, in action. Reading newspapers like this, in a full-size screen, that I can take anywhere easily, was my dream when I bought my iPad. It took a little over a month, but it was worth the wait. I hope every iPad user gets the word that this is more than an upgrade to an iPhone app, this is really the kind of game-changer that people were talking about when the iPad appeared.  Congratulations to PressDisplay on a 5* app.”  Mark

“I’ve read several articles about the WSJ, its App, and Murdoch’s comments about the iPad being the savior of the press industry.  But at $18.99 a month (more than a paper subscription), I’m not really interested in the proprietary WSJ App and one newspaper I rarely read.  The PressDisplay App (on the other hand) is AWESOME because you guys already have the papers since you are the distributors! Genius! I’m subscribing TODAY!  THIS IS the REASON I bought an iPad!”  Adam


“I love PressDisplay.com! It is amazing to read newspapers from around the world as soon as they are published. I have stopped newspapers from coming to my door for the first time since I began reading them 35 years ago!” Paul, Vancouver, BC

“Wow! PressDisplay.com is the most amazing website I have ever come across. It is so exciting that there is a website like this. Thank you! Mercedes, USC

“I’ve just visited your PressDisplay.com site for the first time after a friend told me about it. I live in New Zealand and miss the quality English press very much. It was absolutely great to find such a site – easy to navigate, friendly interface and – joy of joys – current news by top notch journos! Thanks again, it’s quite possible you’ve saved my life – or my current affairs knowledge anyway!”
Jane, New Zealand

“In my work, I need to know what is happening around the world to prepare for international meetings and conference calls. I just returned from 2 weeks in Belfast, London and Nairobi where I could receive international news that is not only critical to my business, but kept me in touch with home. Now that PressDisplay is available on mobile devices, it’s become a business tool that I feel I can’t live without.” Charles Kelly, President, The Cascadia Institute

“PressDisplay.com is an amazing resource. Beyond reading my regular newspapers, I often use the Search feature to find images and stories of interest from around the world. As a photographer I enjoy viewing the actual newspaper pages opposed to their web sites. The Picture Gallery feature lets me quickly see all the images the papers have used. I never thought I’d become a fan of reading the news on the computer, but I have.” David, London, Ontario

“Previously, when facing long car trips as a passenger, I had been downloading full newspapers into the PressReader software and reading them on line on my laptop. Now I have a Blackberry 8700 which displays the articles nicely. And $29.95 per month is hardly expensive for this service. All I did was quit home delivery of the New York Times and it paid for itself!” Craig, Beaufort, SC

“I really enjoy this service. I have to say I am impressed at how useable it is, even on a mobile device.” Stephen, Brisbane, Australia


“A++ for your new version of SmartEdition. It’s simply the best implementation of print newspaper on the web that I’ve seen. I regularly read the NYT, Washington Post, Boston Globe and the WSJ. This version is natural and gives the user the feel of the newspaper with the facility of a web browser. It’s on par with the Huffington Post, which makes SmartEdition even more accomplished since it really combines two user models. Keep up the good work.” Barry, USA

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